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*Dust Control * Nature * Wildlife * Reclamation* 

Aggregates are what we do but it isn't everything. People are important and so are positive relationships. We recognize the important role aggregates play in our lives as well as the lives of those in our community. As a natural resource; our aggregate products are used in construction materials and have helped build our community. We want to work responsibly to ensure the resource is taken care of but, more importantly, we want to ensure relationships are built and maintained in a positive way. We work inside a very popular and beautiful part of the country. We want to thank those neighbours listed below for allowing us to build in and around them. We work together in a cohesive and positive way and are proud to call Sundre Contracting a good neighbour. 

We manage our business with the utmost respect for the environment by adhering to all applicable regulatory requirements. Operating in accordance with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development guidelines we obtain the permits, approvals, licenses, and registrations required for operating sand and gravel pits within the province of Alberta. 

Air quality considerations include dust control measures such as road spraying.  Additionally, with onsite access to aggregate material including sand and gravel deposits, we reduce fleet travel time, thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Our product is strong...Our service is stronger.
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