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Sundre Contracting values people.  Our commitment to safety is reflected in our Health & Safety Program. Every employee is responsible and accountable for our safety initiatives.  Active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for safety among all workers on our work sites.  

Sundre Contracting employees and subcontract haulers are required to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner whether on our work site, the job site, or when traveling Alberta’s public roadways.  They are responsible for conducting vehicle inspections after loading and unloading.  This is to ensure that tailgates and tarps are secured to prevent spillage and flying debris.

Employees are responsible for following all safe procedures, practices and, wherever possible, improving safety measures. We consider legislative and regulatory requirements to be the minimum standard and have hired a professional Health & Safety Professional to oversee our safety ‘Best Practices’ for the Company.

Sundre Contracting  is a member of the Alberta Sand and Gravel Association registry.  Our trucks are registered, numbered, and assigned to drivers who are accountable for their safe operation on Alberta’s roads and highways.  Our trucks are also GPS monitored so we can track our product, deliver accurate timelines and ensure employee safety. 

A safe and happy place to work in the office, in the yard, and on the road. If you have questions call our office anytime. 

Our product is strong...Our service is stronger.
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